Citizens Police Academy

The Dayton Police Department holds a Citizens Police Academy twice a year, once in the Fall and again in the Spring, for Dayton-area residents interested in learning about our police department and to work with our officers on projects to promote safety in our community.  The Citizens Police Academy is a unique, hands-on, and interactive experience for people who want to learn more about what police officers do in their day to day work. Students will get to experience police techniques, including handling firearms. Other lessons will cover specialized training and practicing problem solving skills that officers use to resolve conflicts they see in the line of duty.  There will also be an opportunity for students to learn and participate in mock scenarios including traffic stops, evidence collection, and building searches.

The Citizens Police Academy is 12 weeks long, with classes being held one night a week from 6-8pm.  Academy classes are limited to 20-25 people and participants do have to pass a basic background check.

For more information about the Citizens Police Academy or if you have any questions, please email Officer Chris Pawelski at or call 937.333.1184