Procurement, Management & Budget

The Office of Management and Budget assists the City Manager in the allocation of fiscal, organizational, human and tangible resources for the City government. Components of the Office include operating budget, capital budget, performance measurement, internal audit, legislative initiatives and management systems.

Operating Budget

The operating budget section reflects the coordination, development, and day-to-day management of the City's operating budget, while the capital budget formulates the five-year citywide capital improvement program.

Policy Makers

The office is charged with providing policy makers with accurate and relevant information in an easily understood manner to foster sound decision-making. Through performance measurement, internal audit and management systems, the office provides systems analysis of management operations, which focus on ways to improve the quality and effectiveness of City services.


Through these and other initiatives, the office is able to focus on reviewing and analyzing organizational performance, the impact of policies on operating costs and compliance with established codes, policies and procedures.

For information, call 937-333-3750.

Budget Presentations

Here you can view 2017 budget presentations for the Community Service Areas.


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